Chinese Concentration Camp Cruelty ‘Worthy of the Nazis’ Exposed In Shocking New Report

A shocking new report is shedding light on the cruel and inhuman treatment given to Muslims as they languish in Chinese concentration camps, with many observers comparing it to Nazi treatment of jews in the second world war.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Dawn breaks in the crowded prison cell. Not everyone is asleep — conditions are so cramped in the 70-square-yard space that 15 of the 60 inmates have to stand to give others their turn to lie down…


Every detail of this harrowing description of life inside the ‘Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region’ — its native Uighurs call it ‘East Turkestan’ — comes from accounts that have trickled out of the region and from a huge package of internal Communist Party documents leaked last year by a brave official, disgusted by the policies he was implementing…

Afternoon brings interrogations. To break their mental resistance, inmates are forced to watch others being tortured before their own sessions of questioning.

They are made to denounce friends and family, to confess to fictitious crimes such as bomb-making and espionage, and to express abject contrition — even for such harmless acts as having a copy of the Koran. Any resistance brings beatings, electric shocks and sleep deprivation.

The article goes on to highlight further brutalities imposed on the Uighers. Conditions which have been denied by Chinese authorities in spite of massive evidence to the contrary now leaking out of the country.

The terrifying aspect of Chinese oppression is that they have managed to combine the latest in high technology, including total electronic surveillance with the low-tech brutality of Nazi concentration camps.

Will Americans one day be forced to face similar horrors? If a growing and emboldened China ends up somehow overtaking the United States in the 21st century we may find out.




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