Second Mystery Explosion Rocks Iran

A second mystery explosion has now rocked the capital of Iran. The blast appears to have coincided with a major power outage in Tehran’s suburbs.

Many have speculated that the explosion, which is merely the latest in a series of explosions over the past two weeks is likely linked to Israel.

As The Daily Mail reports:

An explosion has been heard in western Tehran as electricity cut out in a city suburb, in yet another blast to rock Iran in recent weeks…

The blast is the latest in a string of explosions to have swept across Iran over the past two weeks, amid suspicions that Israel may have been behind at least one of them…

On July 2, the country’s atomic energy agency reported that an ‘accident’ had damaged warehouses under construction at the Natanz nuclear site, around 150 miles south of Tehran.

The organisation released a photo of a building apparently damaged by fire, with doors hanging off hinges after they appeared to have been blown outwards.


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