Jogger In Florida Discovers Human Head On Side Of Road

A jogger in Florida made a grizzly discovery: a decomposing human head on the side of the road. As Breitbart reports:

A human head was discovered Tuesday on the side of a road in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to authorities.

“St. Petersburg Police are investigating what appears to be the discovery of human remains near the intersection of 38th Ave. S and 31st St. S, after a jogger alerted the department,” police said in a news release…

Later, police said the street where the remains were found was not heavily traveled because it was surrounded by woods and the businesses nearby were closed, according to…

“The head is too badly decomposed to determine sex,” said Public Information Officer Yolanda Fernandez.

Police are asking neighbors and anyone who may have information on the case to come forward to assist in the investigation.




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