Study: Coronavirus Causes Mysterious Brain Damage In Children

A shocking new study is now claiming that Coronavirus is inflicting mysterious brain damage in some children. As The New York Post reports:

The coronavirus may be causing scary neurological issues in some children.

Youth may help beat the novel virus itself, but kids may be more vulnerable to a secondary, brain damage-causing ailment which follows coronavirus infection.

The disorder, called COVID-19 pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome, is thought to be a debilitating immune response to COVID-19. It is similar to, but much worse than, the Kawasaki-like inflammatory condition previously linked to young adults with the coronavirus, states a study published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Neurology.

“Increasing reports of children developing systemic inflammatory response requiring intensive care . . . and a further group of children with a far less severe, Kawasaki-like disease . . . suggest that despite the typically mild acute infection, children may be at high risk of a secondary inflammatory syndrome,” reads the study.

The authors of the study have concluded that the Coronavirus should now be considered by doctors as a potential culprit when examine children with debilitating neurological conditions.



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