Iran Claims It Has Underground ‘Missile Cities’ Ready To Wreak Havoc On US Troops

Iran is now claiming that it has vast, underground ‘missile cities’ along its souther shore with the Persian Gulf that are set to strike at a moments notice should they feel the need to respond to perceived ‘aggression’ from US troops in the region.

As The Jerusalem Post reports:

In the Iranian rhetoric playbook, every failure must be met with an equal and opposite claim to some form of success. The failure of Iran to protect critical infrastructure, as well as a series of explosions at a missile factory and nuclear site over the last week and a half, led Tehran to point to new “missile cities” as part of its arsenal, which makes it a “nightmare” for enemies. What is a “missile city” and why is Iran talking about this now?
The comments were made Sunday by Iran naval chief R.-Adm. Alireza Tangsiri, who said Iran has “underground cities that house vessels and missiles.” The entire shoreline of southern Iran has these weapons, he asserted.
Most of these weapons systems are in the hands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, not the regular Iranian navy. They consist of various marine forces, including units of the Basij, reports in Iranian state media claim. They include 428 flotillas along 2,200 km. of coastline. The systems are concentrated at key areas along the Persian Gulf and facing the Gulf of Oman.
Iran has carried out tests in the past with these fleets of fast boats and its missiles. Overall, the program appears linked to comments made in October 2019 by Ali Hajizadeh of the IRGC aerospace force about various underground missile sites. The missile “cities” on the coast have been constructed on the shoreline or in facilities off the coast on islands and other areas. The full details of how they are run and whether the IRGC’s navy or aerospace elements run them is not clear.
Is this merely another example of empty boasting from Iran, or do US troops stationed in the region have real reason to be worried? Let ask now what you think in the comments below.


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