Friends Of Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Claims She May Have Access To Secret Videos

Friends of Ghislaine Maxwell, billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s confidante, claim that she is likely in danger after being arrested for her role in Epstein’s crimes.

A particular danger, according to Maxwell’s friends my stem from how much she knows about a trove of secret videos that Epstein allegedly kept documenting powerful men having liaisons with underage girls.

As The Daily Mail reports:

‘I’m absolutely worried for her safety,’ said Christopher Mason, a TV host and journalist who has known Maxwell since the 1980s…

Mason said Maxwell had access to potentially compromising videotapes.

Epstein was widely reported to have rigged his many homes with cameras and kept surveillance tapes of everyone and everything that went on in them.

‘I’m sure she has access to the videos,’ Mason said. ‘A lot of powerful people will be more than a little worried. I hope [Maxwell won’t] end up like Epstein. I’m a little worried about that.




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