Marines Unveil New Shotgun That Can Electrocute Enemies At Vast Distances

The US Marines have unveiled a groundbreaking and futuristic new weapon that has been developed for potential use by US servicemen in a primarily non-lethal mode.

The weapon is a new round that can theoretically fit into any 12 gauge shotgun and fires darts that will electrocute and incapacitate an enemy at up to 300 feet away.

As The Sun reports:

THE US Marine Corps is testing a powerful electroshock weapon that can zap enemies from 300 feet away.

Dubbed “Specter”, the non-lethal projectile can be fired from a shotgun and downs targets using a taser-like electric shock.

The weapon is the brainchild of Colorado-based tech research firm Harkind Dynamics and is part-funded by the US Department of Defense…

Apparently, the darts will keep shocking whatever they’ve hit if they sense movement – to ensure targets stay down.




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