Armed ‘Protestors’ Take Control of Streets Around Wendy’s Were Police Killing Took Place

A group of heavily armed protestors in Atlanta have now taken to the streets and taken over control of an area around a Wendy’s where police earlier killed a man who was violently resisting arrest.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Armed Georgians have ‘taken over’ the Wendy’s parking lot where Rayshard Brooks was shot dead by police in Atlanta.

People who live in the neighborhood said the group of people brandishing firearms had blocked the roads making it difficult for them to get home.

Some gun owners were seen holding rifles or with pistols in their pockets while standing outside the fast food restaurant that was burned down the day after Brooks was killed by Officer Garrett Rolfe.

On Tuesday, the day of Brooks’ funeral, many locals watched his hearse went by, waving the American flag and hold ‘black life matters’ signs where flowers and pictures were placed.

Many residents described terrifying scenes of gunman making threatening gestures toward them and menacing them, with some even having rocks thrown through their car windows.



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