Stabbing Spree In U.K. Leaves 3 Dead After Suspected Terror Attack By Libyan Refugee

Police in Reading, England arrested a Libyan Refugee suspected of going on a wild stabbing spree in the city which left 3 people dead and many more wounded. As The Sun reports:

COPS have confirmed the Reading bloodbath which left three men dead and three others injured was a terror attack…

The suspect is understood to be 25-year-old Khairi Saadallah – a Libyan refugee who has been in and out of jail since coming to Britain several years ago.

Sources have said he was known to officers and previously spent at least 12 months in prison for various assaults – he was jailed in December last year after assalting a Sainsbury’s security guard.

It is thought he was being supervised by the National Probation Service, which monitors high risk offenders.


It appears that terrorists haven’t gone away as ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests and pandemic fears grip much of the western world. Will their next attack be even worse?



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