North Korea Masses Troops On Border After Blowing Up ‘Embassy’ Building With South Korea

North Korea has stepped up its aggression against its southern neighbor, by suddenly blowing up a joint embassy location set up for talks between the two nations and massing troops on its border.

As The Sun reports:

NORTH Korea has threatened to mass troops near the border with its “mongrel dog” neighbour South Korea, hours after blowing up an ex-embassy.

The threat – reported by the dictatorship’s state media – is the latest in a string of increasingly belligerent actions by the North in recent weeks…

Its threatening language came hours after an inter-Korean liaison office building just north of the heavily armed border with South Korea was symbolically blown to smithereens on Tuesday.

North Korea said the country destroyed the office in a “terrific explosion” because its “enraged people” were determined to “force (the) human scum, and those who have sheltered the scum, to pay dearly for their crimes”.

North Korea also level a threat to ‘set Seoul on fire’ in hints that it may attack its neighbor.

Of course, North Korea has long level such threats before repeatedly backing off. But could this time be different?



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