Beijing Reimposes Lockdowns After 2nd Wave of Coronavirus Breaks Out in City

Authorities in Beijing have reimposed lockdowns after a new spike in cases was detected in the city linked to a fish market.

As The Daily Mail reports:

China has carried out 356,000 coronavirus tests in four days, the regime said today as it battles to contain an alarming new outbreak in Beijing which it admits could ‘last for a while’.

Top diseases official Pang Xinghuo admitted that ‘the risk of spreading the virus is high and it’s hard to control’ after 137 cases were discovered in five days in a new wave of infections linked to a food market.

China has imposed drastic new travel restrictions and quarantined 27 neighbourhoods but ‘currently, the epidemic situation in Beijing is still on the rise,’ said Pang.

The outbreak has been traced to the massive Xinfadi food market, which supplies 80 per cent of the city’s meat and vegetables and has now been shut down.

The new outbreak comes as new reports indicate that China’s true virus death toll may be 14 times higher than what has been publicly reported.



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