French City Of Dijon Becomes War Zone As Chechen And Arab Gangs Do Battle In The Streets

The French city of Dijon has now become a war zone as Chechen and Arab gangs engaged in open street battles with each other.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Horrifying videos released on social media show the well-armed masked men – who also brandish pistols – in the eastern city, 200 miles from Paris.

The hooded gang members are refugees from Chechnya – part of the Russian Federation which has been involved in two bloody independence wars over the past 26 years.

‘Unrest has been going on for the past three nights,’ a Dijon police source said on Monday. ‘Chechen gangs linked to the drug trade and other criminal activity have mobilised to take part in battles with other gangs.

‘Weapons including Kalashnikovs, axes and baseball bats are being carried openly on the streets, and live ammunition is being fired. People are terrified.’

As more and more of the world is descending into anarchy and violence, will these scenes become the norm not only in Europe but in America as well?


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