Terrifying Moment Looters Broke Into Manhattan Macy’s Store Caught On Video

Terrifying video of a mob of looters breaking into Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan has now emerged, in which over 10,000 dollars worth of merchandise was stolen.

As The Daily Mail reports:

More than a dozen looters were captured on surveillance footage stealing about $10,000 in merchandise from Macy’s Herald Square store in New York City.

In the video, a large group of men are seen trying to enter the superstore just before 10pm on June 1.

Two men, one with a bat and another with a hammer, are seen trying to bust the glass doors of the store just moments before the suspects made entry.

Within a matter of seconds, the group of men are seen running inside the store.

Police have also released footage of looters breaking into another Macy’s in Brooklyn in which they reportedly made off with over $29,000 in stolen jewelry.



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