Black Lives Matter Activists Demand Police Be Replaced By Social Workers

Radical Black Lives Matter activists are now demanding that police be defunded, abolished and replaced by social workers and mental health care workers. As The Daily Mail reports:

Black Lives Matter activists pushing to ‘defund the police’ have proposed plans to replace officers with social workers, mental health advocates and homeless charities.

Their chants called for widespread disbanding of U.S. police forces after Minneapolis councilors voted to abolish the city’s police force in an historic move after days of protests over the killing of George Floyd during an arrest.

However supporters of ‘defund the police’ say their demands are not necessarily about eliminating police departments or stripping agencies of all of their money.

They say it is time for the country to address systemic problems in policing in America and spend more on what communities across the U.S. need, like housing and education.

The calls come as the Minneapolis City council has now announced their intention to disband the city’s police department. Will the same fate befall cities across the country?

Does anarchy await the United States?



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