Chinese Propagandists Attack US As Violence Rages, Claim It’s A ‘Failed State’

Chinese propagandists are now taking full advantage of the chaos caused by Black Lives Matter protestors in the United States. As Breitbart reports:

China’s state-run Global Times propaganda newspaper fretted on Tuesday that President Donald Trump may use a nuclear weapon against rioters destroying neighborhoods in the nation’s biggest cities, declaring America a “failed state.”

The Chinese Communist Party has used its propaganda arms in the past week to denounce not just President Trump, but American democracy as an inferior system to Chinese authoritarianism and promote the claim that only iron-fisted one-party rule will result in racial harmony in the United States. None of the articles on racism in state media have mentioned that Chinese businesses in Guangzhou, one of the country’s largest cities, banned black-skinned people from hotels, restaurants, and other locales last month after the Communist Party perpetuated the claim that only foreigners could infect people with Chinese coronavirus.

Instead, the Global Times claimed in one article that the riots throughout America “expose a ‘failed state’” under the “weak, irresponsible, and incompetent leadership of President Trump. Riots have targeted impoverished neighborhoods in many cities, beginning in Minneapolis, after a police offered killed Minnesota resident George Floyd on video. Floyd was unarmed and did not appear to be resisting arrest, instead pleading with the officer to let him breathe. The officer has been charged with third-degree murder.

“The protests exposed long-standing issues in the US, including racial inequality, discrimination and a polarized society, which have been amplified under the Trump administration, some Chinese and U.S. observers said,” the propaganda outlet, which has published multiple bigoted columns against Americans and others in the Western Hemisphere, asserted. It went on to blame Trump for “using the racial problem to polarize American society.”

It seems that liberals aren’t the only ones seeking to subvert American democracy from within.



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