Bar Employs Humanoid Robot Waiter To Serve Patrons To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A bar in Spain has introduced a fully functional robot waiter to serve patrons in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

As The Daily Star reports:

A bar in Spain has deployed a humanoid robot to serve drinks to customers on a terrace in the latest measures to enforce social distancing in the country. 

The 5ft-tall robot, known as Alexia, can move around the terrace while carrying a tray of up to nine drinks at one time.
It is currently in use in Bar Baviera in the Plaza del Castillo square in the city of Pamplone in the province of Navarre.

The video shows how the robot helps to reduce contact between humans which, in turn, lowers the chance of contracting coronavirus.


Is this robot waiter a glimpse into our automated future? And if it is, should we celebrate, or be concerned?




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