Looters Target Upscale NYC Shops As America Descends Into Chaos

Over the weekend America descended into complete chaos and lawlessness, as rioters took control of the streets from beleaguered police departments.

In addition to the chaos gripping dozens of cities across the country, looters descended on New York City’s ritzy Soho district looting high end shops and destroying property.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Soho in New York City was ravaged by looters on Sunday night who smashed the windows of luxury stores like Gucci, Chanel and Bloomingdales to steal goods in a wild night of riots that saw more than 250 arrests, cops being injured and one man being shot. ..

Across New York City on Sunday night, more than 250 people were arrested. Six cops were injured, none seriously, and a man in his twenties was shot in the abdomen after an argument with a different group of young men.

The man was shot at 12.30am at the corner of Crosby Street and Spring Street, a stone’s throw from the stores that were ransacked. He is in the hospital in a stable condition…

NYPD cops in riot gear patrolled the streets and helicopters hovered above the neighborhood – known for its trendy restaurants, luxury clothing stores and expensive apartments – throughout the night.



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