Mysterious Anomaly Wreaking Havoc With Earth’s Magnetic Field Begins To Splits

The mysterious anomaly which has been wreaking havoc with earth’s magnetic field, which helps to protect the planet from dangerous galactic events like solar winds and cosmic radiation, is now beginning to split.

The anomaly known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, extends from South America all the way to Africa, and has also wreaked havoc on the operation of Satellites and other electronic devices.

As Science Alert reports:

New satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA) reveal that the mysterious anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field continues to evolve, with the most recent observations showing we could soon be dealing with more than one of these strange phenomena.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a vast expanse of reduced magnetic intensity in Earth’s magnetic field, extending all the way from South America to southwest Africa…

What is certain, though, is that the South Atlantic Anomaly is not sitting still. Since 1970, the anomaly has been growing in size, as well as moving westward at a pace of approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) per year. But that’s not all.

New readings provided by the ESA’s Swarm satellites show that within the past five years, a second centre of minimum intensity has begun to open up within the anomaly.

What or who is behind the bizarre anomaly so far remains a mystery.



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