CDC Warns Of Newly Aggressive, Cannibal Rats In Search Of New Food Sources

The CDC has issued a newly warning about the potential danger poses by rats who are now much more aggressive in the wake of many of their traditional food sources disappearing due to the Coronavirus lockdowns.

In addition to their aggression, some of the rats may even be turning to cannibalism due to their difficulty in finding food.

As The Independent reports:

Having already resorted to cannibalism and infanticide, rats in cities across the US have reportedly started behaving even more “unusually” as they branch out in search of new food sources during coronavirus lock-downs.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning of “unusual or aggressive” rodents in areas with restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments closed over a prolonged period to slow the spread of Covid-19

The warning of a further escalation in rodent aggression comes after starving rats were reported to be at war with each other in the early days of the coronavirus lockdowns of early April…

At a press conference in March, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said the lockdowns were “driving our rodents crazy” with a viral video showing a swarm of rats scurrying through an empty Bourbon Street.




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