Analysts Claim Brazil’s Bolsonaro May Soon Be Toppled

Analysts are now claiming that the Trump-allied President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro may soon be toppled due to mass dissatisfaction with his response to the Coronavirus pandemic. As CNBC reports:

Brazil’s right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, who has dismissed the coronavirus as a “little flu,” could be the first world leader to be toppled by the pandemic, analysts said.

South America’s largest country has emerged as the world’s number two global hotspot for Covid-19, with more cases reported nationwide over the last week than any other seven-day period since the outbreak began.

Muggah said there were at least three ways Bolsonaro could be ousted before the country’s next presidential election in 2022, citing impeachment proceedings, including an allegation that he poses a threat to public health, conviction by the Supreme Court for common crimes, or ejection by the national electoral tribunal for alleged misconduct during the 2018 campaign…

Ribeiro said opposition lawmakers are sitting on as many as 35 impeachment requests against Bolsonaro, with the bulk of them submitted during the pandemic.

Brazil has become a new global hotspot for the virus so far recording more than 24,512 deaths from the virus.



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