Ex-US Servicemen Paraded On Venezuelan TV After Failed Coup Attempt

Two ex-US servicemen who were captured after a failed coup attempt have now been paraded on Venezuelan television by Venezuelan President Maduro where they revealed many of the details of their failed mission.

Though they were likely under duress at the time of their interrogation, they revealed their codename for Maduro, who they planned to capture and then fly back to the US so he could await trial.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Two former Green Berets detained in Venezuela for their role in a failed coup were again paraded on Venezuelan state TV on Monday in edited clips of their interrogation.

Luke Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, are seen wearing orange prison uniforms as they explain that ‘jackpot’ was the code word used for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in the mission to capture him and fly him back to the United States…

‘It was a word we used to talk about the person we’re after – the hostage or the military target,’ Denman answers to a question about the word ‘jackpot’ in the mission notes.

He previously identified President Maduro and the task of flying him to the U.S. as the main target of the mission.


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