Trump Announces Development of ‘Super-Duper’ Hypersonic Missiles

President Trump turned heads on Friday when he announced the development of a “super-duper missile” which can travel 17 times faster than any missile currently in the US military’s inventory. As The Hill reports:

President Trump on Friday touted a mysterious new military asset: a missile that could travel significantly faster than any warhead the U.S. currently has in its arsenal.

“We are building, right now, incredible military equipment at a level that nobody has ever seen before. We have no choice. We have to do it with the adversaries we have out there. We have, I call it the super-duper missile, and I heard the other night — 17 times faster than what they have right now,” Trump said in the Oval Office.
Trump’s comments came during a White House event where he signed the 2020 Armed Forces Day Proclamation. During the ceremony, the administration also unveiled the flag of the country’s newest military wing, the Space Force. It’s the first new military flag to be unveiled in 72 years.

“Space is going to be the future, both in terms of defense and offense and so many other things,” Trump said. “And already, from what I’m hearing and based on reports, we’re now the leader in space.”

The development comes in response to Russia and China’s attempt to also develop the weapons, which stand poised to change the face of warfare in the 21st century.



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