‘Polite’ Cannibal Who Ate Man He Met Online Allowed To Leave Prison On ‘Day Trips’

A man convicted of killing and eating another man he met online after posting an advertising seeking ‘a man to slaughter’ in a gay magazine in 2001 has now been allowed to leave his prison cell to go on ‘day trips’ in the community.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A ‘friendly and polite’ cannibal who put out an advert for ‘a man to slaughter’ in a gay magazine before murdering and eating him has been going for ‘walks around town’.

Murderer Armin Meiwes, 58, was given ‘sunglasses and a cap’ to hide his identity and then driven to another state in Germany for walks.

‘Two officers accompany him. We always drive him to another state for security reasons. There he can walk around town,’ an investigator told BILD.

In March 2001 Meiwes stabbed Bernd Brandes, 43, in the heart after amputating his penis and frying it in a pan with ‘salt, pepper garlic and nutmeg’, the murderer revealed in a televised interview in 2007.

After Meiwes murdered his victim he chopped him into pieces and kept him in his freezer where he slowly consumed his remains over a period of months.

Meiwes was finally caught after putting out a second advertisement which was reported to police.



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