Chinese State Run Media Now Accusing The US Of ‘Sabotaging’ Coronavirus Reponse

As China continues to face mounting criticism and consequences for its initial response to the Coronavirus, being its nation of origin, it seems to now be pivoting toward a new propaganda strategy which seeks to blame the US for its own failures.

On Tuesday China’s State run newspaper People’s Daily accused the US of “sabotaging” the worldwide battle against Coronavirus. As Breitbart reports:

China’s state-run People’s Daily on Tuesday accused the United States of “sabotaging” the global battle against the Wuhan coronavirus by criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…

In another act of projection, the People’s Daily accused the U.S. of “scooping up much-needed medical resources, leaving other nations, even its allies, in despair.” This is exactly what China did early in the pandemic, using nominally private entities under the CCP’s control to buy up medical equipment by the ton and ship it to China.

People’s Daily made this case by harping on a complaint made by Germany in early April about the U.S. supposedly “confiscating” masks from American manufacturer 3M before they could be shipped from Bangkok to Berlin. Chinese propaganda incessantly quotes early statements from German politicians complaining of American “piracy,” but 3M denied those allegations and the complaint shifted to less sensational allegations that the U.S. government was outbidding other buyers for protective masks on the red-hot global market. As of May, the U.S. government is more commonly criticized for allowing too many American-made masks to be exported when domestic stockpiles are running low.

The CCP has a habit of scanning the news for items critical of the United States, frequently recycling articles from months ago, to assemble slapdash hit pieces that try to project Communist China’s sins onto its accusers. The importance of constantly repeating the truth about the coronavirus pandemic, its origins, and how it was made worse by the CCP’s secrecy and deceptions cannot be overstated.




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