Mexican Drug Cartels Imposes Brutal Coronavirus Lockdown On Residents, Torture Violators

The sons of the notorious Mexican drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ have now instituted a brutal lockdown on territories under their control, threatening torture against those who violate it. As The Daily Star reports:

El Chapo ’s sons have imposed a coronavirus lockdown in a city under their cartel’s control – and threatened any violators with torture…

They declare: “After 10pm tonight, everyone must be inside their homes due to the coronavirus – otherwise they will be punished. These are others from above.”

The video ends with the chilling warning: “This is no game, we’re not playing.”

In other footage, lockdown rebels are told they will be tortured for two days and made to pay a fine.

In addition to the brutality, the cartel has also attempted to show its softer side by handing out cash to residents hard hit by the lockdowns.



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