Apocalyptic Blood Red Sandstorm Engulfs City As Skies Darken Overhead

An apocalyptic scene played out in Niger’s capital of Niamey, as skies darkened overhead and a massive, blood-red sandstorm engulfed the city.

As The Express reports:

Impressive footage shows a large wall of sand appearing on the edge of the city as spectators described the moment as apocalyptic. Large plumes of reddish dust appeared to be hundreds of metres high in social media footage. Sandstorms are common across West Africa during the dry season, which usually lasts from January to April…

One Twitter user wrote: “My apocalypse bingo card is full now.”

Another added: “I witnessed it, and that was damn scary.”

A third person said: “This is actually rather unusual. Some people are saying that it’s God punishment.”

It’s hard to look at these terrifying images and not view them as truly apocalyptic.



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