NASA Forced To Cut Live Feed Of Space Station After Unexplained ‘Bright Object’ Appears

NASA was forced to suddenly, and without explanation cut its live feed of the International Space Station after an unexplained ‘bright object’ suddenly came into view. As The Sun reports:

A mysterious illuminating object dubbed as a “cloaked UFO ” was spotted by a conspiracy theorist who was watching the ISS live stream.

The footage, captured on Saturday April 18, shows a rectangular UFO coming into view on the left and appears to be approaching the International Space Station.

When it comes closer and clearer to the camera, the live feed is abruptly cut off and replaces with a red screen.

Seconds later, the feed comes back to NASA ‘s camera and the UFO disappears.

Many UFO fans were stunned by the footage, though skeptics will likely remain unconvinced and find more natural explanations for the phenomenon.



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