Cameras Controlled By Artificial Intelligence Being Prepared To Enforce Social Distancing Guidelines

In a potentially Orwellian twist to the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, futuristic A.I. cameras are now being developed that will automatically enforce social distancing guidelines. As The Daily Star reports:

A tech company has made Artificial Intelligence that can snoop on people and sound an alarm if they fail to social distance, as shown in a video blasted as “dystopian” by critics. 

Landing AI said its “detector” can keep watch on people and make sure they keep at least two metres apart as dictated by social-distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.
According to Landing AI, the system can also “issue an alert to remind people to keep a safe distance if the protocol is violated”…

Landing AI’s founder Andrew Ng shared the video on his Twitter and said the technology was designed to support social distancing and “keep us safe”.

Will the pandemic force American citizens to surrender their rights to artificial intelligence programs who will watch their every move? And if so, is this really a price worth paying for “safety?”



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