Russia Tests Satellite Killing Rocket

Russia has now carried out a test of a its new satellite killing rocket PL-19 Nudol, which will pose a direct threat to US satellites in the case of a future war. As The National Interest reports:

The test of the PL-19 Nudol, a so-called “direct-ascent anti-satellite” weapon, highlights Russia’s expanding space arsenal, according to Gen. John Raymond, Space Command commander.

“Russia’s DA-ASAT test provides yet another example that the threats to U.S. and allied space systems are real, serious and growing,” Raymond…

Russia also possesses more-sophisticated orbital weapons, Space Command noted. So-called “inspection satellites,” ostensibly designed to check other spacecraft for damage, also could tamper with, hijack or destroy another country’s satellites.

Russia, China, the United States and other countries have launched inspection satellites. Russia’s Cosmos-2542 inspection sat in January 2020 exhibited unusual behavior that likely heightened U.S. officials’ skepticism toward Moscow’s intentions in space.

The development underscores the importance of President Trump’s decision to form the Space Force as a response to growing threats from rival powers.



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