South Korea To Consider Electronic Monitoring To Enforce Lock Down

South Korea and other countries are now reportedly considering using electronic wrist monitors to ensure its citizens are adhering to lockdown orders and social distancing guidelines.

As The Daily Star reports:

Electric wristbands could be used to prevent people in self-isolation from going outdoors in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

South Korea has considered the use of bands amid growing concerns about rule breakers who are not adhering to the strict self-isolation guidelines.

In a press briefing reported by Yonhap News Agency, Yoon Tae-ho, a senior health ministry official said: “A majority of people are following self-isolation (rules), but there have been some cases of (people) leaving (designated venues).

“If the self-isolation rules are not kept, this would put the government in a position to consider various measures to prevent such a move.”

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to ravage many parts of the world, many governments may see no choice but to turn to draconian and human rights violating measures to stop the spread. Will the U.S. eventually be among them?



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