‘Liberty’ Rebellion Breaks Out In Idaho In Response To Lockdown Orders

A so-called ‘liberty’ rebellion, lead by Ammon Bundy the man famous for leading an armed takeover of a Oregon wildlife refuge, has reportedly begun in Idaho as a form of protest against what some believe are draconian Coronavirus lockdown orders.

As dnyuz.com reports:

SANDPOINT, Idaho — Inside an old factory building north of Boise, a few dozen people gathered last week to hear from Ammon Bundy, the man who once led an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge.

The meeting, which appeared to violate orders by Gov. Brad Little of Idaho to avoid group gatherings, was an assertion of what Mr. Bundy said was a constitutional right to peacefully assemble. But Mr. Bundy said he also hoped to create a network of people ready to come to the aid of those facing closure of their businesses or other interference from the government as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“If it gets bad enough, and our rights are infringed upon enough, we can physically stand in defense in whatever way we need to,” Mr. Bundy told the meeting. “But we hope we don’t have to get there.”

In a state with pockets of deep wariness about both big government and mainstream medicine, the sweeping restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the virus have run into outright rebellion in some parts of Idaho, which is facing its own worrying spike in coronavirus cases.

As of Monday the state had recorded 1,170 cases of the virus and 13 deaths, with officials fearing those numbers may rise if residents refuse to comply with lockdown guidelines.



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