Shocking Footage Shows A Massive Swarm Of Millions Of Locusts Covering Streets In Oman

Shocking new footage shows a swarm of millions of locusts overrunning streets in Oman, in what appears to be a plague of genuinely biblical proportions. As The Daily Star reports:

Swarms of locusts have descended on Oman with footage showing what seems to be the floor moving after millions started crawling across the streets.

The spooky video taken by Dominic Abu Hanna shows a road covered in the small insects.

They all seem to be moving in the same direction which gives the impression that the floor is moving.

He claimed in his video – seen more than 4.5million times since it was posted on March 15 – that the insects were ants.


Massive swarms of locusts, as large as 60 kilometers in size, have ravaged many parts of the Middle East and Africa in recent weeks.



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