Man Shot Dead After Defying Coronavirus Curfew In The Dominican Republic

A man in the Dominican Republic has been shot dead by police after apparently defying a Coronavirus curfew rule. As The Daily Mail reports:

A man was shot dead during a confrontation with the police in the Dominican Republic on Monday night after he defied a curfew imposed for the outbreak of coronavirus.

Edwin Cespedes was outside his home when he was approached by a National Police unit that was enforcing a nationwide evening lockdown order.

A witness told local press that the 30-year-old tussled with at least four officers who attempted to placed him under arrest.

The witness added that a motorcycle police unit then showed up and that one of cops fired the shot that struck Cespedes in the head before fleeing the scene.

Truly a disturbing stories, as the Coronavirus panic continues to play out, let us hope the similar scenes don’t begin to play out in  the U.S. as well.



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