Beijing State Newspaper Warns of Impending Second Wave Of Coronavirus

A state run newspaper in Beijing is now warning that a second potential wave of the Coronavirus outbreak is now ‘inevitable’ due to travelers from abroad. As The Daily Mail reports: 

A second coronavirus outbreak in China is ‘highly likely’ and ‘even inevitable’ as the pandemic escalates, China’s state newspaper has warned.

Loopholes in the health screening process and inadequate quarantine measures for people arriving from abroad are the main factors for the looming new crisis, according to state-run Global Times.

The stark warning comes as former epicentre Hubei Province, apart from its capital Wuhan, is set to lift travel restrictions tonight after being locked down for two months.

It also comes as Wuhan has registered its first native infection, a doctor, after reporting zero cases for five consecutive days.

According to experts, one in three Coronavirus infections are caused by ‘silent carriers’ or those who show no obvious symptoms for the disease.




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