Lockheed Martin Hints At Potential US War With Russia

A new promo video from the US defense industry giant Lockheed Martin is raising eyebrows after it appears to show a near future war between Russia and The United States.

As The Daily Star reports:

In a promotional video, the weapons manufacturing giant – which supplies the US army with militaryequipment and weapons – boasts it has been developing autonomous vehicles “in near-secrecy” under the banner of Skunk Works for more than 60 years.

The clip shows motion graphics of a strike against a Russian S-400 missile defense system and Topol-M mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system, defence-blog.com reports.

It shows off various models of autonomous planes currently being designed at Lockheed Martin as well as its already active F-35 fighter jets.

“Persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned systems have been the hallmark of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works for more than six decades” a voiceover states.

The F-35 jets featured in the video are now ready for action and have been deployed to multiple combat theaters around the world.



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