Coronavirus Patient On The Loose In New Jersey After Giving False Name

Authorities are warning that ‘many, many people’ are at risk after a coronavirus patient at a New Jersey hospital walked out after giving a false name and address.

As The Daily Mail reports:

New Jersey officials have warned that ‘many, many, many people’ are at risk of infection after a coronavirus patient gave a false name and address and then walked out of a Newark hospital.

Health officials are desperately trying to track down the woman who remains ‘at large’ on Tuesday after she was tested for the deadly virus on Saturday and went missing before the results came back positive.

The woman had been tested for coronavirus at East Orange General Hospital in Newark on Saturday, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said in a Facebook video Tuesday.

Her test results came back positive and health officials went to the address she had provided on her records to find no one by that name resided there, Baraka said.

So far cases of the virus in New Jersey stand at roughly 300, but officials fear that number will rise if the infected individual is not found.


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