Coronavirus Causes Massive Jailbreak In Brazil As 800 Prisoners Escape

Over 800 inmates from four different jails staged a massive jailbreak on Monday in Brazil as Coronavirus fears have continued to sow chaos throughout the country.

As The Daily Mail reports:

More than 800 inmates broke out of four prisons in São Paulo, Brazil, after the Justice Department announced it was postponing a work program that allowed inmates to leave jails amid the coronavirus panic.

The massive jailbreak came as Brazil confirmed its first coronavirus-linked death Tuesday, a 62-year-old man who died at a private hospital in São Paulo. Health officials said he had suffered from diabetes, hypertension and prostatic hyperplasia.

Authorities have now recaptured around half of the 834 that fled on Monday.

Video footage showed the disturbing moment some of 577 men escaped from the Progression Center Penitentiary in the São Paulo municipality of Mongaguá. Officials reported that 172 were recaptured.

With panic continuing to spread, is it only a matter of time before scenes like this one begin to play out within the US?


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