Shocking Video Shows Female Cop Fighting Off Wild Mountain Lion

A terrifying video circulating online is showing the terrifying moment a female sherrif’s deputy in Colorado was forced to fight off a wild mountain lion with her bare hands.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Terrifying video shows the moment a Colorado deputy fights off a wild mountain lion with her bare hands.

On Wednesday afternoon a female Larimer County Sheriff’s Office deputy was attacked by a mountain lion crouched underneath a trailer in Loveland.

Officers were called to the scene around 1.50pm when the lion pounced on a civilian and a sheriff’s deputy on the 2100 block of River Rim Road.

Video from the confrontation shows the deputy on the ground and the lion aggressively jumps on top of her, leading officers to shoot at the animal.

The deputy suffered non-life threatening injuries and the mountain lion was later hunted down and shot by authorities.


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