Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide After Refusing To Testify Before Wikileaks Grand Jury

Former Army Intelligence officer Chelsea Manning attempted suicide in her jail cell before being having first aid administered to her by prison guards.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning attempted suicide inside her  Virginia jail cell and was resuscitated by prison guards, can exclusively reveal.

Sources said Manning – who has been held in custody since May for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks and Julian Assange – tried to hang herself with a sheet inside Alexandra Detention Center.

The 31-year-old still had a pulse when she was found at around 1pm, however, and understands she was still breathing while en route to the hospital.

Manning previously spent seven years in military prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified US documents to WikiLeaks in 2010.

Manning is reportedly set to make a full recovery. Manning became notorious after passing more than 700,000 highly classified to Wikileaks that exposed alleged war crimes committed by the US military.


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