Brother And Nephew Of Saudi King Arrested As Prince Begins Royal Purge

The brother and nephew of the Saudi Arabian King have been arrested as part of a new and sudden purge orchestrated by Saudi Arabia’s notorious crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, a brother of King Salman, and the monarch’s nephew Prince Mohammed bin Nayef were accused of treason.

They were taken from their homes early on Friday by black-clad royal guards, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Saudi royal court has accused the two men, once potential contenders for the throne, of ‘plotting a coup to unseat the king and crown prince’ and could face lifetime imprisonment or execution, the newspaper said.

Prince Nayef, a once powerful figure as head of Saudi counter terrorism efforts, had been crown prince until 2017.

The news comes in the wake of the Saudi regime launching a massive oil war against Russia and the US which saw the price of crude plummet to record lows on Monday.



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