Police Whistleblower Reveals Crime Underreporting By Top D.C. Brass

A police officer in Washington D.C. has blown the whistle on department practices that have deliberately deceived the public into believing there is less crime in the nation’s capital than there really is.

As WUSA9 reports:

Djossou, a 15-year MPD veteran previously honored for her service by Police Chief Peter Newsham, is going public with stunning allegations about what she says is going on in her own department…

She claims D.C. police supervisors are ordering investigators to downgrade crime classifications form more serious crimes to less serious ones to make the city’s crime stats look better.

“The commanders and the captains get promoted, and they get awards, when the crime stats are low,” Djossou said.

She says internal documents she handed over to DC Council, later obtained by WUSA9, suggest DC police commanders regularly instructed patrol officers to underreport crimes.

Djossu claims that she has already faced retaliation from her supervisors for blowing the whistle on the unethical practice, and has also been ignored by members of the D.C. city council.

But her revelations beg the question of whether police departments in deep blue cities like Washington are attempting to coverup evidence of a potential new crimewave.






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