Gruesome Nazi Photo Album Made From Human Skin Discovered By Collector

In a truly gruesome discovery was made by a collector in Poland when he uncovered a Nazi photo album which was made from human skin.

As The Daily Mail reports:

The battered WWII album was handed over to staff at the Auschwitz Memorial Museum after the buyer noticed the cover had ‘a tattoo, human hair and a bad smell’.

Museum experts have now analysed the album’s cover and binding and say it is likely that the skin came from an inmate murdered at the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, in Germany.

They added that it was ‘without doubt proof of a crime against humanity.’…

The wife of camp commandant Karl-Otto Koch, Isle Koch is said to have had male prisoners with interesting tattoos murdered and then had their skin turned into interior designs.

According to the experts questioned, the album apparently originally belonged to a family who ran a guest house in Bavaria during the second world war.