Surprising Truth About COVID-19 Fatality Rates

The Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC) released its analysis of over 72,000 novel coronavirus cases in mainland China.

The findings show that 80% of the infections were fairly mild, children under the age of 10 largely did not show significant symptoms.

The fatality toll of COVID-19 on older patients is shocking.  The Chinese CDC research showed that patients over the age of 80 had a staggering 14.9 percent chance of dying after being infected.

Those in their 70s were found to have an 8 percent chance of death.

Patients in their 50s were three times more likely to die than patients in their 40s, at a rate of 1.3 percent.

Overall, men were found to have a 2.8 percent fatality rate, versus 1.7 percent for women, according to the study.

The overall fatality rate in China was 2.3 percent.

Business Insider provided this visual illustration of the fatality statistics.