Fighting Back Against COVID-19 Scammers

Novel coronavirus COVID-19 has now been found on every continent except Antarctica and the rate of global infection is soaring.  COVID-19’s estimated death rate of 2.3% is 20+ times higher than that of the flu at 0.1%.

There is no treatment or vaccine for the virus, which scientists think may have originated in bats and may have hopped into an intermediary host animal before infecting people.

Amazon, Facebook, and other companies are fighting back against scammers trying to price gouge and defraud people with useless and sometimes, dangerous fake cures.

Facebook has banned all ads claiming to offer a cure for COVID-19.

Amazon launched a massive clampdown on fake products.  It is reported that it removed one MILLION listings for items falsely claiming to be a cure for the virus.

Amazon also removed listings for thousands of items such as face masks due to price gouging, where sellers raise the price beyond a reasonable amount.

Some “cures” not only fail to help against the virus, but they also endanger those who use them.  A ‘miracle mineral solution, known online as MMS, is a solution of 28% bleach in distilled water.  Unsurprisingly, drinking bleach is dangerous and can lead to acute liver failure, dangerously low blood pressure and diarrhea.

Despite claims to the contrary, there is no proven anti-viral benefit to smoking marijuana.

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