About the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a spiraling global pandemic threatening every one of us.  80,000+ persons in 50+ nations were diagnosed as infected, thousands died.  Deaths are now reported in the United States.

Immediate, unbiased, uncensored, actionable knowledge is the most powerful weapon in our fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

We are a non-profit building a community, resource and knowledge base to fight COVID-19.  To give every American the tools to fight back, protect yourself, your family and your loved ones.  To lead your family’s fight against COVID-19.

We fight to make personal protection equipment and support available to every member of our community.

The keys to the fight against COVID-19 are:

  1. Defeat its spread;
  2. Limit the harm of infection;
  3. Vaccine;
  4. Access to treatment, medicine, food and needed supplies; and
  5. Policy: truly free testing, sick leave, research funding, travel controls, etc.

What generic drugs limit and best fight this infection?  What food, medicine, and items should be stockpiled?  How to buy them now, before the shortages?  How to pay for self-quarantine?  How to pay for medical treatment?  What will happen to your children’s education if schools and colleges are closed?  How to identify and avoid drug and equipment scams?  What must employers, airlines, food stores, restaurants, and public venues be required to do to help protect our families?  How to care for a loved one who is ill?  How to address the heightened risks to the elderly?

How do we pool community resources to put personal protective equipment in the hands of families in infected areas to slow the spread?  How can our families access generic drugs and face masks needed for treatment and protection if they are produced in nations like China, where the infection is raging?

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is a fight for time.  EVERY day that we keep our families safe is a day during which governments, researchers and companies worldwide search to identify the most effective drugs to treat the infection and to develop a vaccine.