Infected Korean Airlines Flight Attendant on Flights to America and Israel.

The South Korean government and media outlets report that a cabin crew member working for Korean Air Lines Co. was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and is being “cared for” by Korean and CDC government authorities.

A government official confirmed the positive test, but Korean Airlines failed to disclose how many and which flights the flight attendant was working during the likely period of infection.

The cabin crew member was found to be infected with COVID-19 after serving on the Incheon-Los Angeles route in February 2020.  The flight attendant had also worked on the Incheon-Tel Aviv route about a week before the LAX flight.

KCDC is still determining details of the person’s itinerary and has yet to formally release it as a reference for contact tracing.

Korean Air has been hit hard by the spread of the coronavirus that has hurt the airline industry as a whole, declined to comment on the matter.  It is facing an avalanche of refund requests after news broke that a flight attended was infected by the novel coronavirus.

South Korea increased its national threat level to the highest level: ‘red alert’ with the Prime Minister saying the country is in a ‘grave situation.’ As of Tuesday, South Korea reported a total of 977 confirmed coronavirus cases with 13,880 people being tested for the illness, and with the death toll standing at 10.

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