Canadians Told to Prepare for Pandemic as Containment Fails

Canada is reporting new novel coronavirus infections.  As infected arrive from countries with no effective monitoring of infections, the policy of containment is at risk of collapse.

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Theresa Tam stated that Canada may no longer be able to contain and limit the virus and called on governments, businesses, and individuals to prepare for a pandemic.

“It looks like it is going to be more am more difficult to contain this virus and it may well evolve into a pandemic.”

“The window for containment is closing.  These signs are worrisome.”

The Canadian Government advised people to prepare workplaces for cover for ill co-workers and to stock up on:

  1. prescriptions; and
  2. non-perishable foods.

They are advised to often wash their hands with soap and to practice keeping their hands away from their faces to prevent the spread of infection.

Globally, there have been80,239 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 77,780 of them in China. There have been 2,666 deaths in China and 34 deaths outside China, with cases now, in 33 countries.

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