Panic Spreads In Italy As Corona Virus Spreads Throughout Country

Panic has begun to spread in Italy, with grocery stores having food stripped from their shelves by terrified citizens while travel bans being to be instituted.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Italy has confirmed its first case of coronavirus in the south after a holidaymaker from the north fell sick while visiting Sicily with her husband and friends.

The 66-year-old woman, from Bergamo, travelled to the Sicilian capital of Palermo on Friday morning before her home region of Lombardy was put on lockdown following a surge in cases…

News that the infection had spread south sparked panic-buying in Palermo on Tuesday as shoppers stripped supermarket shelves bare and raided pharmacies for medical supplies.

Italy confirmed a total of 59 new cases of coronavirus across the country on Tuesday, bringing the total to 288 with seven deaths and one person recovered. The total is the largest outside of Asia.

Authorities in Italy are trying to figure out how they went from having just a few isolated cases, to being one of the most infected countries in the world in a matter of days.



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