Russian ‘Bio-Hackers’ Attempt to Use Implant To Enhance Human Abilities

A growing group of ‘bio-hackers’ in Russia are attempting to augment the abilities of the human body by giving themselves high tech implants.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Biohackers in Russia are embracing technology to help improve their life and increase their life expectancy as part of a growing movement.

The trend of putting implants into the body is growing steadily around the world, and Russians are using microchips and monitoring technology to improve their life…

Adherents have been implanting microchips into their skin with personal details like metro card and bank balances encoded within them.

Around the world, implanted microchips are being used to start cars, turn on smartphones, computers and printers, monitor body temperature and store medical information or as business cards…

Entrepreneur Stanislav Skakun says that biohacking is about extending life, potentially for thousands of years, an idea known as transhumanism.

A noted computer programmer involved in the movement estimates that currently up to 1000 Russian may currently be ‘chipped.’ A number which may grow significantly in the near future.



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