Incredible New Hovercraft Stuns Onlookers During Maiden Flight

An incredible new hovercraft which some have referred to has a ‘manned drone’ stunned onlookers during its maiden flight by performing a series of death defying stunts.

As The Daily Mail reports:

An incredible manned drone described as being like a Formula 1 car in the sky can perform rolls and loops at 87mph – even when there is a human on board.

The ‘Big Drone’ had its maiden flight in Croatia with CEO of the Drone Champions League, Herbert Weirather, in the hot seat while a remote pilot made it loop and roll.

The drone, designed around the monocoque of a formula one car, is about 16ft across with 12 large motors and propellers keeping it aloft.

The Drone Champions League started with small drones but ‘they were too small for people to follow’, according to Weirather. He said ‘we made it bigger’.


The craft has a maximum speed of 87 miles per hour and can carry up to 387 pounds.


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